Basil, Lime

A growing tip about 'Lime' Basil is the same with lemon basil. Plant in full sun or part shade, out of direct wind. Watch out for snails and beetles. Jar lids with beer in them , spaced 5" or so between plants helps drown the slugs. A good rich-loamy garden soil with adequate drainage. Pinch new leaves to promote new growth. Cover or bring indoors when temps. Fall below 50 degrees. A tender annual in most U.S. zones 4-8 .

If you pinch and rub the 'Lime' Basil leaves you'll smell a mild lime-citrus scent. This aroma would come through on a hot summer day drinking frozen margaritas garnished with lime basil by the pool. Aaah, you can smell and taste it now, can't ya? (a popular past-time in Texas ) A hybrid from other varieties, such as apple mint and spearmint, the oil and leaves are quite fragrant. Culinary uses are the best way to release it's aroma. The menthol scent is also known to repel mice and small rodents from food & grain areas. Scatter chopped or crush leaves along tables or floors where they may travel. This folk lore remedy goes back to the Middle Ages. We recommend mice traps if you have a rodent problem though, just to be safe. Aromatic lime / citrus scent, the blossoms are known to attract bees, butterflies and/ or birds

'Lime' Basil is another mild citrus-scented basil that has lot's of culinary potential. A famous (5 star review) restaurant called Lime & Basil in Chapel Hill, NC co-owner /chef offers family recipes from her mothers Vietnamese passion of cooking. Some dishes we found are : Corn, coconut, lime and basil soup. Lime and basil sorbet. Thai chicken basil and lime basil grilled Tilapia. These recipe ideas may/may not specifically be on her the menu. (was still in bus.12-15-07)

Hybrid species of basil sometimes happen by chance. If you have 2-3 or more varieties of basil in your garden, chances are they'll cross pollinate. Allowing your basil to blossom and turn to seed may produce a new variety all-together. This holds true for most mint and basil , which are from the parent family, Lamiaceae.

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