Basil, Genovese Sweet

Plant 'Genovese' basil in full sun or partial shade away from windy conditions. In hot extremely hot zones be sure to keep young plants watered in the hot afternoon sun. Genovese Sweet Basil also does well as a container specimen. Be sure your container has drainage holes. Basil leaves offer the best taste just before it blooms but flowers are edible as well. It grows upright up to 24" to 36" in height. In July and August beautiful white flowers bloom and offer a sweet peppery fragrance for potpourri or vibrant edible garnish in salads.

Aromatic peppery, sweet scent from both foliage and flowers. Hummingbirds and bees are attracted to the aromatic blossoms.

Considered the most 'sweet' of all basils, the 'Genovese' basil is the most favored and is the most common in making pesto at home or commercially. Called by chefs "The Pesto Basil", the flowers are considered sweeter than the foliage. Also good for adding in soups and infused herbal salad dressings. Dried leaves only keep fresh for about 3 months in air-tight containers. Check your purchase date if store bought.

Sweet Basil = Genovese Basil / Plant compatible with peppers and tomatoes, known to help improve the flavors of these vegetables while growing. Typically basil is a tender annual in Zones 4 - 8. Needs to be brought indoors when night temps fall below 50 degrees.

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