Basil, Cinnamon

This sun loving compact 'Cinnamon' basil has a compact growth habit. It's glossy dark green foliage is an attractive addition to the garden. Distinctive cinnamon -colored stems, white flowers tinged with bronze. This herb can grow 3 feet in height and width. Plant in full sun, moderate water. In our southern climates my require more water to keep from wilting. This tender annual can freeze in temps below 40 F.

A native of Mexico, 'Cinnamon' basil has strong aromatic properties. It's pretty green foliage along with it's spicy fragrance makes it a good choice to add to floral bouquets. Oil of basil is used in aroma therapy.

Some find the 'cinnamon' more flavorful than 'sweet' basil, So here's just one recipe idea: 'Cinnamon' basil, chicken & almond spread. Blend 1/4 cup sweet butter with 1 t. of honey with 1/3 c. cooked chopped chicken, 3 t. basil leaves, 3 T. finely chopped almonds. Blend all together , add salt & pepper to taste. Serve room temperature or chilled. Serve spread with your favorite crackers. Also use basil leaves in tomatoes soup, scrambled eggs, or pan seared squash. Data info @

The French call basil 'herbe royale. In Italy, basil has always been known as the sign of love. In India, it is worshiped more than the kings. Dedicated the herb to their gods Vishnu & Krishna.

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