Marjoram, Sweet

This shrubby low growing ground cover likes garden soils that are sandy-loam rich and well drained. An annual to most and a perennial to others. Will not tolerate cold temperatures, those gardening above zone 8 would need to cover with mulch or bring it indoors. With moderate watering, 'Sweet' Marjoram would do well as a border plant or in a rockery. Blooms tiny white flowers on clustered spikes in the summer.

'Sweet' Marjoram has an aromatic scent that may be used in with additional herbs for a fresh, culinary garden wreath hung in the kitchen.

'Sweet' Marjoram has a mild oregano flavor with a hint of balsam. It is wonderful on most all red meats, not so much seafood. Used in pates and on green veggies like eggplant, green beans and zucchini. As an oregano substitute, try with tomato sauces, mushrooms, pizza & lasagna. It is complimentary to other dried herbs & seasonings like thyme, basil, garlic, onion & bay leaf. Data info @

The oil of sweet marjoram has been used for medicinal purposes past and present. Trim and harvest leaves in the morning hours for culinary use prior to it's blooming for the best flavor. This holds true for most herbs.

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