Mint, Chocolate

Grow 'Chocolate' mint as you would peppermint, in rich loamy moist soil. Flowers and leaves develop their best colors in full sun. The edges of the new leaves have a dark edge, almost chocolate and the blooms are lavender-white in the summer. Bees and butterflies are attracted to mint flowers. A good addition to the garden, best planted in containers to prevent invasive spreading. 'Chocolate' mint is a hybrid of -Mentha piperita-/ Hardy in U.S. Zones 4 - 9

Pretty much smells like peppermint. Otto Richter mentioned in an article he wrote in 1993 : Because we humans want to believe our vendors, a blind study was conducted: When told it was 'chocolate' mint , most people said they tasted/or smelled chocolate. When not told, they smelled just mint. Richter's think we confuse and associate the aroma of 'chocolate mint' in candies and liquors, which have prompted the consumer to associate peppermint aroma with chocolate. >>> Article ref : Otto Richter/ 1993

This hybrid of -Mentha piperita- has more a peppermint flavor than it does chocolate. Use as you would in recipe's that call for mint flavor. Some ideas for it's use are: 'Chocolate' mint banana bread, on chocolate cheesecake, in a chocolate mint milkshake and chocolate yogurt with mint. Since mint and chocolate are always associated together, any recipe combining the two should turn out pleasant.

A peppermint with dark edges, but bares no oils or compounds which typify a chocolate aroma. Is actually from Mitcham, England or known as 'Mitcham mint' or "blue balsam mint'. First cultivated in 1750. There exists white peppermint and black peppermint , the two forms we call "typical". 'Mitchum is the latter and most cultivated in the herb trade and is not a true clone due to extensive propagation variations .

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