Mint, Double

Dr. Edgar Anderson of the Missouri Botanical Garden acquired what he thought was a hybrid of both spearmint & peppermint. Known as "Dr.Andersons Mint" , was sent for testing in Richter's Greenhouse facility in Canada. Upon testing found that is was no more than a selfed spearmint. It was suspected the original plant was crossed pollinated by a nearby plant or from seed. Data info @http:// Richter/1993.htmpagel

Environmentally friendly insecticides are made from mint oil and known to kill ants, roaches, hornets and wasp. The strong menthol scent is concentrated. Data info @

A very strong smelling spearmint with another nickname SEE :Red Stem Apple Mint. The name 'double mint' is part of a copyrighted slogan to describe 'Wrigleys double mint gum'. 'Double' mint/ See what first listing 'pops' up on search engine.?

'Double' mint or Madeline Hill mint SEE: 'Red Stem Apple' Mint for more detailed growing aspects.

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