Mint, Julep

'Julep' mint is a hybrid mint with red stems, bright green, jagged pointed leafs. Does well in part shade or full sun. A sandy loam, moist but well drained soil is best. Spreads by underground rhizomes. Propagation is easy, just cut and root in water or plant directly in soil. Hardy in winter zones 5-9. Cover or bring inside , should temps stay below freezing over long period.

Treat the 'Julep' mint as you would spearmint when it comes to aromatic uses. Use in dried or fresh floral bouquets and wreaths. It's menthol qualities will help to open sinus's when steeped in boiling water.

Of all the mints mentioned , 'Julep' mint is the obvious choice for making the ever so popular In the 1930's a southern libation was created, known as the 'Mint Julep'. Today it's associated with the 'Kentucky Derby' , as visitors sip on them while watching the horse races. Made of premium Kentucky bourbon, fresh homemade mint syrup and crushed ice. Recipes will vary at bars across our globe. Adds a mint flavor to salads, ice cream, jellies and provides a cool mint taste to plain yogurt. Data info @

The Latin name for mint julep: Mentha Spicata, goes by another name 'Kentucky Colonel mint'. A hybrid of the spearmint and just as hardy.

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