Mint, Orange

'Orange' mint is a hybrid crossover. An aromatic, reddish green leaf mint with a citrus flavor and fragrance. Blooms whorls of purple-pinkish flowers in the summer. Produces few seeds so it's best to propagate by cuttings. Plant cut stems back in the soil and/ or in glass of water till stems root. Easy to grow in full sun with moist loamy soil. Container planting or hanging baskets help keep it from taking over.

As a potpourri, recipes blending other fresh herbs like lavender, rosemary, patchouli and 'orange' mint make an aromatic open air room freshener. Over time, allowed to dry, these herbs will lose their aroma. It's best to discard and pick a new fresh cut mix.

High in vitamin A and C, the fresh leaves of 'orange' mint are used in salads, desserts and makes a great garnish for iced beverages. Here are just a few ideas for using orange mint : Orange, walnut & cranberry salad, orange marmalade sauce, orange chicken salad, orange sorbet and orange mint in rice pilaf. Data info @ food/ columns

Other nicknames that people call 'orange' mint are : lemon savory, lavender mint, bergamot and eau-de-cologne. The Latin name' mentha x piperita' is inclusive to cover most all the citrus flavor/ scented hybrid mints. Hardy in US Zones 4 - 10

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