Mint, Spearmint

Spearmint does best in part shade, but will grow in full sun with frequent watering. Like soils that are rich and loamy but drain well. Most seasoned gardeners have opted for potting their mints due the their spreading, invasive rhizomes. Pinch stems as needed for culinary use and to promote thicker growth. Blooms are pinkish or lilac in color spikes in the axils of the upper leaves. The little flowers are followed by a few tiny, brown seeds.

Oil of spearmint has a clean & crisp menthol scent as well as the leaves when rubbed together. Notably discovered shave creams with aloe vera and mint help condition the skin and smell wonderful when shaving. The spearmint flavor can be found commercially in mouthwash, toothpaste, lip balms and chewing gum. Data info @ alba skin

Spearmint tea has been a long tradition, but the flavor of the leaves oil are used in mouthwash, toothpaste, confectionary sweets, shampoos and soaps. The traditional Cuban cocktail known as a 'mojito', has fresh spearmint as an ingredient in this libation. "Doublemint Gum"(copyright) grows spearmint commercially for it's oils to be blended in it's chewing gum production worldwide. Data info @ data info @

Mice so dislike the smell of mint, either fresh or dried, that they will leave untouched any food where it is scattered. We suggest you not leave your food out if you have a mouse problem. Winter hardy perennial in US Zones 5- 11 Data info @

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