Oregano, Greek

'Greek' oregano is surprisingly winter hardy up to zone 4, though it's native country Greece does not get that cold. Blooms white flowers in the summer with growth up to 20" or so. Prefers a gritty, (compost , sand, perlite) well drained soil in sunny location. Used as a border plant along pathways or used as an ornamental in xeriscape style gardening. Harvest stems from outer crown, while new growth continues to grow from the middle.

One of the more truly aromatic oreganos, the Greek variety is the only one for which seeds are available in commercial quantities. Data info @ richters.com

'Greek' oregano is probably the most popular flavor and variety marketed worldwide today. Most Italian restaurants and pizza cafes keep shaker bottles of this blend on their tables & kitchens. Used on pizza, meatballs, calzones, stromboli and most tomato sauces. Depending on the season and the manufacturer of spices, Greek, Italian and Mexican oregano's are all marketed as oregano, unless labeled specifically by region.

Use sensor cards (sticky glue strips to trap bugs) if grown indoors or in greenhouse. Whiteflies, aphids and thrips will attack 'Greek' oregano. Monitor weekly and keep a sprayer of 'Safer' soap insecticide spray to knock down these pests off your edible crop.

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