Oregano, Hot and Spicy

Known to be one of the more hardy varieties along with 'Greek'. 'Hot and Spicy' oregano is hardy to winter in US zones 5 and up. Can be grown as an annual in marginal winter zones 8-11. Plant in gritty, well drained soil or in container pots. Full sun or part shade will mature to a height of 8- 24", space about 12" apart. Blooms white flowers with tiny , dark green leaves.

Oregano gives off a sweet & spicy scent when leaves are rubbed. Scented white blooms in the summer which attracts bees and butterflies.

The name implies exactly what it taste like. 'Hot and Spicy' oregano is for cooks and chefs whom like to add that extra kick to spicy dishes like BBQ shrimp, jambalaya & dirty rice, chile paste and Mexican salsas. A little goes along way, remember 1 tsp of dried equals 1 tblsp. fresh.

The stronger flavor of this variety greatly depends, like with all herbs, the intensity & heat of the sun the plant gets. Grow this herb yourself for cooking because most grocery stores do not sell this variety fresh or dried. Most jarred and dried oregano is of the Greek, Mexican or some other variety depending on the season of harvest. Data info@ the epicentre.com/spices/oregano

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