Oregano, Italian

This is a sterile hybrid (must be propagated by stem, no seeds) resulting from crossing sweet marjoram with oregano. Depending on the host parent, the leaf size, color and plant form will vary. 'Italian' oregano matures to 2 feet in well drained garden soil. Does well in xeriscape settings or in a container pot. Best in winter zones 8-11 in a sunny location. Good choice in a hanging basket as well. Flower color is white. data info@ organicgardening.com

The aroma of 'Italian' oregano enhances culinary dishes and in the garden, aromatic blooms attract butterflies, bees and/ or birds.

Origanum x majoricum: 'Italian' oregano is somewhat sweeter and milder than Greek oregano. One might say it's an exquisite blend of sweet & spicy without the bitterness of more intense varieties. As the name implies, most anything you can think of in Italian cooking like pasta with homemade tomato sauce and oregano seasoning, sausages, bruschetta bread ( feta or mozzarella cheese rolled in oregano or basil, garlic, tomato sauce topped, spread on toast with olives)

A perennial that is both culinary and fragrant. 'Italian' oregano is generally known to be high in antioxidants, due to a high content of phenolic acids and flavonoids. Data info @ wikipedia.com

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