Parsley, Curled

'Curled' parsley does well in humus rich, well drained garden soil. Sun or partial shade. Seeds may be propagated early spring to early fall. Allow 3-6 weeks to germinate. Leaf spot and viral disease are two things to look out for while growing parsley. Small yellowish-green flowers are produced in the summer. Attractive as a border or edging plant in ornamental garden beds.

The aromatic oil of 'Curled' parsley is used in cosmetics, perfumes, soaps and hair products.

'Curled' parsley is a very popular garnish, but also has many other uses such as in soups, bread stuffing's, herbal vinegar & oil salad dressings, blended with butter and to flavor sauces.

Leaves may be picked from parsley plants through out it's growing life. Use them fresh , frozen or dried. High in vitamins A & C as well as minerals like niacin, iron and magnesium. Winter hardy in US Zones 4 -11

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