Parsley, Italian

This biennial (2 yr. life cycle) herb does well in deep pots to accommodate a long taproot. Plant 'Italian' parsley in full to partial sun, moderate watering in well drained garden soil. Winters well in zones 4-11. Harvest most all year round. Allow one plant to mound about 12 inches in height for maturity.

Chopped or minced in culinary dishes, the aromatic peppery smell of 'Italian' parsley comes through when added to hot dishes like grilled fish or chicken breasts. Parsley is also used as an essential oil, it's vitamin extract is helpful on skin & hair products.

'Italian' parsley has a slightly stronger flavor than other varieties, aside from being an attractive garnish. Both Romans & Greeks consumed and praised this herb in large quantities. Used by itself or mixed with other herbs on a variety of fresh veggies like cabbage, onions, tomatoes, carrots, beets and turnips. Use whole leaf for garnish, chop or mince for cooking recipes.

Also known as 'Flat Leaf' parsley, this variety has a slightly peppery taste. One of more than 30 varieties of parsley. Flat leaf has similar look to the herb 'chervil' but tastes far different. Historically had been avoided in areas where 'poison hemlock' grew, because the two looked the same. Some countries in Central & Eastern Europe, still grow and use the parsley root in soups and stews.

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