Rosemary, Arp

'Arp' rosemary grows 3- 5 feet tall and is hardy in cold US zones 6-11. Though in 6-7 would need winter protection, heavily mulch or brought in. Blooms blue to almost white flowers in Spring to mid Summer. Stems leaves are grey, widely spaced and thick. 'Arp' rosemary prefers sandy to standard well draining garden soils. Does well in full sun among xeriscape gardens, pathways and rockeries. Grows an average height of 3- 5 feet tall.

Historically, Rosemary branches were passed out at funerals to family members before they left the house. Held at the service for it's scent helped in the remembrance of a deceased loved one, then placed on the casket before lowering it into the Earth. This tradition is still honored in Wells, Somerset, England data info @ /

This Texas variety should be listed as 'Taste as Big as Texas' in our local recipe books. (See general properties below:) We're sure it would taste wonderful on dishes like a rub on big grilled T-Bone steaks, leaves sprinkled on baked country wedge fries & pan seared catfish filets.

'Arp' rosemary was named after a little northeast Texas town called 'Arp'. Madeline Hill, author, herbologist heard of a variety that had survived a very cold winter in the area of Arp in the single digits. Many plants died that week, residents said temps didn't rise above 32 all week. This variety however survived and in 1987 was named Hardy Hill. Data info @

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