Rosemary, Hardy

Plant your hardy rosemary in a sunny area, space your starter plant about 12" - 18" apart. Rosemary will grow tall and wide. You may have to transplant to allow room for mature plants to grow. Well drained soil, sandy loam preferred but not required. Once established, they are frost, heat, and drought tolerant.

Crushed leaves or hand rubbed along shrub releases aromatic oils. A good plant to landscape with where deer and rabbits are present.


The name 'Hardy' is loosely translated to describe an upright, cold tolerant variety of rosemary. Used as an adjective in just about every character of hardy plant's on the Earth. Their in Not however a genus called just 'Hardy', but a performer named Rosemary Hardy does perform on "Sacred & Secular Arias 1600-1800 on a box set CD for about $31 bucks. Funny trivia: Bturner cd info @ Data info @

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