Rosemary, Trailing

'Trailing' rosemary does well in arid Zones 8 -11. Grown in full sun, will tolerate sandy to poor clay soils, moderate to low watering needs. Is drought tolerant when established. Trailing varieties are used as ground covers, in window boxes and container pots mixed with taller plants. Pale blue flowers bloom Spring well into mid Summer. Trim sprigs as needed for harvest, but don't cut back to base of growth. Plants tend to not grow back new growth when severely cut. Grows up to 3' high and 4-8' wide.

Oil of rosemary is used in hair products, soaps, and culinary cooking. Scented leaves and sprigs of 'trailing' rosemary are used in floral wreaths and topiaries. Burned, is a substitute for aromatic incense but use small amounts outside, it does smoke a lot.

As far as fresh vs. dried, rosemary that is dried is more nutrient rich with high amounts of calcium, iron and vitamin B6. Great as a rub on meats while barbequing such as lamb, beef chicken. Infuse sprigs of 'trailing' rosemary & garlic into cuts in roasts and bake. Try a teaspoon of dried in bread dough and bake. Two 6" sprigs of rosemary in a goulash of potatoes, carrots and cauliflower. Data info @ recipes @

'Trailing' rosemary climbs as well. It does well in window boxes, but will grow upward on lamp posts or fences if it has no other route to grow. It's possible it could grow all the way to the ground from a second story window box planter. Deer and rabbit resistant, as well as some insects.

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