Rosemary, Tuscan Blue

'Tuscan Blue' rosemary is a hardy, evergreen perennial herb that will grow upright to 3-6 feet height and width. Foliage is glossy light green with red-brown stems. Grown as a shrub in landscapes. Best in zones 8-11, does not winter well in cold weather in the teens. Plant in sandy to moderate clay soil. Prefers to stay dry between watering. It can get root rot and mold if leaves get too wet. Blooms 2" blue spike flowers late Spring to early Summer in full sun.

In Ancient times, when incense was scarce, rosemary was burned in churches to purify to air. Dried or fresh in ornamental wreaths, make a lovely scented arrangement for the kitchen or hung on a door. Both rosemary oil and it's leaves are used in hair products and in soaps.

Mostly thought to be an Italian cuisine herb, rosemary in general may be used many ways. Try using bundled sprigs of 'Tuscan Blue' rosemary to brush your favorite marinades on your grilled meats. Garnish with a sprig poked into baked potatoes for a festive look. Steamed carrots, onions & zucchini taste awesome with fresh rosemary.

Most rosemary's are tolerant to: Deer, rabbits, heat & humidity, pollution, seaside areas, slopes and high wind.

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