Rue, Rue

Rue is also grown as an hardy, evergreen ornamental plant. Gardeners will like how it grows in a low hedge and florist for it leaves can be used in nosegays. Grown for it's bluish leaves , it does better in poor soils, partial sun, dry conditions. The greenish-yellow flowers bloom from June to September. The first flower that open has ten stamens, the rest or others have eight. Gardeners claim to have success with growing Rue in U.S. Zones 4 - 11.

Historically Rue has many aromatic medicinal properties.. Type 'Rue" as your PC search engine will pull up many a topic on it's uses. Cats seem to dislike the small of Rue, therefore could be planted as a deterrent in the yard or garden. Photo credit/ anzuume/ Tokyo

Common Rue was historically used in the Middle Eastern cuisine and in ancient Roman recipes. A bitter tasting herb to which modern taste would find undesirable. It is still used in parts of northern Africa. Some recipes call for a sprig used in eggs, cheese, fish . Grown today, in the U.S., more as an ornamental shrub.

Rue or (Ruta) Common Rue, is a genus of strongly scented evergreen shrubs that grows about 2- 3 feet tall. Blooms yellow with leaves that are a feathery green to blue-green in appearance.

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