Artemisia, Powis Castle

'Powis Castle' Artemisia is somewhat hardy perennial is hardy in US zones 6-9. Produces a bushy mound of soft, lacy , silver foliage'. Grows well in sandy -loam soils , moderate water in full sun. Requires little or no fertilizer. Does tend to die out unexpectedly, it's best to have multiples spaced in one growing area. Height up to 2 ft. and spread about 3 ft. Wet winter soil may rot and kill the plant. Will tolerate extreme heat but not favorable to high humidity.

Fresh or dried, Artemisia leaves cast a pleasant fragrance. It goes well in herbal posies. Flower color is yellow. 'Powis Castle' foliage is silver in color.

Artemisia has over 400 species, French tarragon & common tarragon being two that are common in a lot of food recipes such as teas, vinegars, soups, & poultry. 'Powis Castle' however is grown more as an ornamental plant. SEE :Tarragon in this index.>>>

Believed to be named by/ or for Mr. J. Hancock of Powis Castle in Wales. Around 1972 it was first introduced into the horticulture trade. A cross bread ornamental of both a native European & Mediterranean species. Today is only grown in cultivation. Deer / rabbit resistant Also called wormwood, was believed in the Middle ages to cure intestinal worms. Data info @

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