Lavender, Fernleaf

Called 'Fern Leaf' for it's fern-like green foliage. This lavender grows up to 2 feet with blue flower spikes reaching an additional 2-3 more feet. 'Fern Leaf' lavender flower spikes split into three parts, resembling something like a pitchfork. Attracting bees and butterflies , be sure to dead-head the blossoms to maintain shape and promote new growth. Prefers full sun, coarse soil, good drainage. Will tolerate drought once established. Known to winter well in Zones 9b - 11

Lavender can be a fine air freshener when leaves are simmered in water on the back of a stove. Stove top potpourri. Not considered a good drying variety, the blossoms turn from blue to brown.


'Fern Leaf', leaves and blossoms, combined with wormwood is an effective moth repellent. Lavender, as an essential oil, is mild enough to apply directly to the skin without diluting it in a carrier oil. This makes it a very popular "all natural" massage oil.

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