Lavender, Provence

'Provence' lavender is considered an evergreen perennial in zones 7-10, treat as an annual 6 and lower. Grows a height of 2 feet with blossoms. Plant in full sun, moderate watering in coarse well drained soil. Blooms are lavender colored during the summer.

Aromatic blossoms are a haven for honey bees. Bee keepers have collected honey from combs in which the bees main nectar was from that of lavender fields. Lavender honey is prized for its flavour and aroma.

Several recipes use lavender honey as a sweetener. Breads, cookies, ice cream and beverages to name a few.

'Provence' lavender buds are easily stripped and may be used to make sachets and potpourri. Named Provence for this is considered the 'true blue' of lavenders in the region of Provence, France. Hybrid Lavadin is planted at lower altitudes and is easier to cultivate for soaps and cosmetics.

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