Sage, Golden

'Golden' Sage produces striking quantities of green and yellow leaves that seem so bright they almost glow in the garden at night. A hardy perennial in USDA Zones 6-10, best in a well drained area of the garden with general garden organic soil. Grows up to 24" ht. and 24" width in sun to part sun, moderate water. Southern hotter zones may want to plant this in the fall when temps are less likely to 'fry' young plantings. Like most garden sages, it is a short lived perennial that should be replaced every 2-3 years. Also known as 'Golden Garden' Sage.

Hummingbirds find the lilac/blue blossoms & smell of sweet nectar in the garden irresistible. Sage bundled by itself and dried upside down in the kitchen, tied with ribbon makes an adoring bouquet to any kitchen wall.

'Golden' Sage has the same qualities as garden sage and may be used for your culinary recipes. Stuffing for turkey, chicken, stock broth soup flavorings. Try sage leaves blended into mild cheese or mixed with other herbs in melted butter. It's bright 'golden' leaves are a perfect garnish to main entrées or side dishes like steamed asparagus, brussel sprouts or butter beans.

Sage has been known to be historically both as a beneficial culinary & medicinal herb. Golden Garden Sage = Golden Sage . Historical trivia: the Chinese in the 17th century so admired sage from the Dutch merchants, that they would trade 3 chests of Chinese tea for 1 chest of sage.

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