Chamomile, German

'German' chamomile is rather easy to grow, either from a nursery starter plant or from seed. The plant prefers to grow in moderate to rich-loamy soil. Given moderate water and full sun or afternoon shade. It can be invasive as it matures and grows like a weed. Young starter plants are cold tolerant, but blooms show starting spring and well into summer. Plant seeds or young starter plants in the spring, watch them mature and bloom in time for summer. Zones 4 - 11.

The 'German' chamomile flower as a plant in the garden , produces sweet smelling daisy-like flowers. The flowers rest atop thin stalks that grow about 12-30 inches in height. The plants leaves are rather bitter tasting.

Harvest fresh 'German' chamomile flowers from the plant when they reach peak bloom, they can be used to make a tea either fresh or dried. Steep flowers in hot water to make an old fashioned tea. Mixed with other kind of tea leaves like: Lemon mint or Orange mint to make a wonderful blended tea. Serve chilled , hot or use in a herbal punch.

Attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. A good garden companion along side others such as: basil, oregano, thyme and tarragon. Enhances the flavor and taste of 'essential oil' herbs when planted nearby.( such as: basil, oregano, sage, lavender & spearmint) It can be invasive in farmers fields and interfere with primary crops.

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