Lavender, Sweet

'Sweet' Lavender is one of the largest growing varieties, almost 4 feet with blooms. Grows best in full sun, little water and is drought tolerant. Evergreen and winter hardy in zones 8-10. Clip within 4- 5 weeks of first blooms to maintain shape and promote new growth. 'Sweet' lavender makes a wonderful landscape ornamental with purple blossoms. Tolerates poor to moderate soil that drains well. Too much water and humidity are "ill-fated" conditions.

Dried and fresh lavender flowers are used world-wide in the floral industry. Blooms are lovely cut fresh from a home garden and used in floral/ herbal arrangements. Attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.

Because of it's strong menthol taste & scent, the blossoms are not used for culinary recipes.

Deer and rabbit resistant. 'Sweet' lavender is known to be a natural flea repellant. Sachets mixed with wormwood and lavender work best for that purpose. Use caution when planting lavender where dogs & cats are present. If your pets are prone to chewing on shrubs, the foliage is known to be poisonous if ingested.

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