Lavender, Goodwin Creek

This French variety is a water conserving, evergreen perennial loves full sun and blooms purple flowers. 'Goodwin Creek' grows to an average height of 2'-3' feet while blooming. Blooms early for those in growing zones 8-10 in warmer climates. It's good to give it the plant a light pruning after 4-5 weeks of blooming to maintain shape and promote new blossoms. Discovered by Goodwin Creek Gardens in Williams, Oregon

Lavender blossoms of 'Goodwin Creek' produce an aromatic essential oil which is used in bath salts, perfumes, soaps, shampoos. The oil also contains turpin, which is known to be an anti-septic and an anti-inflammatory. Used in hospitals in WWII.

Lavender has been used to flavour sugar, known as 'lavender sugar'. Lavender tea is a blend of dried lavender blossoms and black tea.'. French chefs have long experimented with different French varieties of dried blossoms in recipes for salads and sauces and more.

'Goodwin Creek' is a hybrid of French lavender, but with a shorter growth habit. The name lavender actually comes from the Latin phrase which translates "to bathe" or "to wash". French , Yellow and Spanish lavenders are the first to bloom in early spring. Sometimes called "first-round" bloomers.

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