Eucalyptus, Silver Dollar

'Silver Dollar' eucalyptus is a sun loving, evergreen that rapidly grows up to 30'-50' feet tall. The foliage on a young tree are round leaves, growing narrow on older ones. Drought tolerant but likes an occasional deep watering. Frost sensitive, a native to southeast Australia. Blooms long lasting white flowers mid-to-late summer. Soil range, tree does is best in sandy-loam but will tolerate clay-loam. Hardy in USDA Zones 8-11

An essential oil extracted from the 'Silver Dollar' eucalyptus leaves contain compounds that are natural disinfectants. The aromatic flowers produce an abundance of nectar, providing food for birds, bats, possums and insects. Dried/ or fresh aromatic branches are used worldwide in the floral industry. The scent is described as camphorous-woody. Combines well with juniper, lavender and marjoram.


'Silver Dollar' eucalyptus has few pests, except for the eucalyptus beetle, which makes small, oval shaped holes in the bark. (the first sign of infestation )

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