Dill, Bouquet

'Bouquet' dill is a hardy annual that will grow about 30"-36" in plant height. Makes a great back drop among shorter herbs in the garden. Does best in full sun or partial afternoon shade. Plant after the last sign of frost has past. Plant in well drained all-purpose garden soil. Blooms late summer with flat, yellow umbels that give away to seed late fall. Propagate by seed or new starter plants. Plant division of mature plants has proven with poor results.

'Bouquet' dill has a fresh, grassy flavor. The long stalks of dill, bundled together, are often seen at farmers markets, which produce a sweet & spicy smell. The aromatic, yellow blooms attract butterflies and caterpillars. Dried blossoms may be used in floral arrangements for a light, airy effect.

' Bouquet' Dill is widely used on a variety of foods, either fresh or dried. Some dishes include potatoes salad with new potatoes and mayonnaise or grilled salmon with lemon butter. Try fresh dill leaves sprinkled on fresh tomatoes drizzled with olive oil.

Both the seeds and the foliage ( dill weed ) are edible. Harvest dill by clipping what is needed for your daily use and allow the plant to keep growing. Prepare fresh dill with scissors, using a knife causes flavorful oils to be lost on cutting surface. Plant new starter plugs early spring, after last frost warning.

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