Cilantro ( Coriandrum sativum ) is rather easy to grow in either full sun or part-shade. Grows best in moderately rich soil and good drainage. Best to stagger your plantings of starter plants to have a continuous supply all summer. It tends to grow quickly and reseeds itself easily. This herb is an annual, requiring re-planting or seeding every spring. The blooms show their color of white-lavender late spring into summer. Harvest leaves regularly to prevent the plant from going to seed too quickly. Zones 4-8 as a tender spring annual.

The leaves and stems of Cilantro are distinctive in aroma and are widely used in Mexican, Asian and Caribbean food recipes. The colorful, sweet lavender- white blossoms attract bees and butterflies.

Cilantro leaves are best fresh but can be used dried. Leaves are used in to flavor pickles, curries and chutneys in the Middle East. Thai and Vietnamese use the leaves in their spring rolls, soups or Pho. In Mexico and Southwestern U.S. it is found in a variety of salsas, burritos, beef and chicken fajitas, soups and enchiladas. The coriander seeds have found their way into cakes, breads (gingerbread) and to flavor liquors. (Gin )

Cilantro = Santo = Coriander (seeds) = Chinese parsley / Popular and mostly associated with cuisine from Asia and Mexico, was discovered in Egyptian tombs dating back some 3000 years. When temperatures stay above 75 degrees, the foliage quickly turns yellow & bitter leaving the coriander seed as the only edible 'spice' to harvest from the plant. Data info

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