Chives, Onion

Common or 'Onion' chive blooms abundant rosy-lavender flower heads ( rarely, white ) resembling red clover in late May and June. Deadhead flowers before seeds are formed, unless for culinary use. Chives will self-sow aggressively, especially with 'Garlic' chives. Divide plants every few years to promote new growth. Hardy in US winter zones 3-11.

Blossoms of the 'Onion' chives are very aromatic to honeybees. Good garden companion. The foliage however is a natural insect repellant to most critters, some gardeners plant chives for this reason , when desiring good organic gardening practices.

'Onion' chives leaves and flower heads are both edible. Fresh leaves must be frozen if kept more than a week. Snipped chive leaves are used to flavor butter, cream cheese, oil, salads, baked potatoes and soft goat cheese.

Growing chives from seeds takes about 2 years before it becomes a small plant. A starter plant from your favorite nursery/ or neighborhood gardener will get you acquainted to chives faster.

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