Chives, Garlic

'Garlic' chives in general grow green strap-shaped leaves with straight, thin white-flowering stalks. Grows best in full sun or afternoon shade in all-purpose garden soil. Chives make a very small bulb, which can be used like a small green onion. Harvest blades by pruning at soil line, thus new foliage will be free of old half blades. Divide plants every few years to promote new growth. Hardy in US winter zones 3-11

Aromatic blossoms are edible , but also attract butterflies.

'Garlic' chives are used as a vegetable with a garlic seasoning but also has attractive flowers. Predominantly used in Asian cuisine, 'garlic' chives have found their way into American cuisine too. Similar to chives, green onions or garlic and used as a stir-fry ingredient. A Chinese recipe for dumplings uses 'garlic' chives in combination with egg, pork and shrimp.

Other vernacular names include: Chinese chives, Chinese leek, Ku Chai or Oriental garlic chives.

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