Salad, Mesclun Mix

Plant your 'Mesclun Mix' salad in ordinary garden soil, but well drained area. Stay clear from areas that puddle, or stay soggy, for roots may rot. Light shade to moderate 6 hours of sun with moderate watering. Harvest young leaves by cutting from outer edges about 1 1/2" from soil line. Leave the center crown intact, the new leaves grow from the center florette.

Starter plants of 'Mesclun Mix' may contain up to 12 different seed mixes. Typical are: red oak leaf, lallarose, frisee, arugula, red butter and minoya. The list goes on… but these colorful young greens are wonderful raw with your favorite dressing as side dish or main course. Wait to last minute to add dressing , tender leaves absorb quickly. data info @

Mesclun mix = gourmet salad = baby salad mix. Considered by USDA to be six times more nutritious as iceberg lettuce with fewer chemical residues, greatly because it is harvested at such a young age. Grown best in US zones 3 - 9 as a tender perennial. Best planted in spring or early fall.

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