Arugula may be planted from seed in early spring through early summer in sunny location. Summer heat and drought, will produce smaller leaves and more peppery taste. Keep under "airy" tree or shade cloth if grown in hot temperatures during mid summer to fall. Harvest young Arugula leaves and the plant will keep producing new ones for months.. Flowers are small and white with dark centers. Moderate water and rich-loamy soil for optimum growth.

Edible flower blossoms are known to have a light piquant flavor and scent.

Arugula has a rich, peppery taste and is generally used in salads but may be cooked as a vegetable with pasta dishes. Some chefs have used it , along with basil, as an ingredient in making pesto. Add it to pizza's just right out of the oven, allowing it to wilt. Other similar 'peppery' edibles are watercress and baby spinach.

Arugula is rich in vitamin C and iron. Other vernacular names include Garden Rocket, Rocket, Eruca, Rocketsalad, Rucola, Roquette and Rokka. Young starter plants are usually available at garden centers in early spring and will tolerate cool night temperatures. Cover with frost cloth if forecast goes nears freezing. Info @

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